Hello, my name is Randy Kemp, I am the new owner of Main Street Music, here in Monroe, CT!

I developed a lot of skills here at Main Street Music, since starting here in my early 20’s. My passion for education and music drove me to take an active role in everything that went on around the shop. Even prior to working here, I was making records in the shop from the age of 16.

My first job here at Main Street Music, was the front desk. From there I was given a teaching position, and began to help with studio production, and summer camps.
14 years later, I’m now continuing the legacy of Main Street Music. We are still producing records here, teaching, and gigging!

Main Street Music’s most recent exploits are two major studio projects, videography for the Danbury Irish Festival, and many, many, PA rental gigs, and performances. We are trying to jump into other related media fields that Main Street Music didn’t offer before, such as video production.

We’ve just started to boost our online presence. You can check out our YouTube channel here;

Thank you!
~Randy Kemp
Principal, GCleph Productions, dba Main Street Music


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